Lithuania: Corn and Pigs

Sowing Ritual: In the Language of the Goddess p147, Marija Gimbutas writes of the association the pig with the growth of the crops. In spring in Lithuania it was the custom for the farmer to bring a piece of bacon or lard to the fields and to smear the ploughshare with the lard before breaking the first furrow.

After Easter Ritual: In late April the people used circle the fields in procession. To help the seedlings germinate and grow the bones of the Easter ham and the shells of the Easter eggs were buried at the four boundaries of the fields.

Harvest Ritual: Up until the 17th century a black suckling pig used to be offered to the Lithuanian Goddess of the Earth, Žemyna. The cooked pig was then consumed at a harvest feast presided over by a priestess who would afterwards take a portion of the pig and 3x9 pieces of bread to the storage house where she would pray alone.