The Enchanted Cave of Keshcorran

Here follows the Enchanted Cave of Keshcorran,

It was a great and general hunting match that by Finn son of Cumall son of Art son of Trenmor grandson of Baiscne, with the brave and comely Fianna of the Gael, was convened throughout the Corran's fair borders; among the beautiful tuatha of Leyny; within the confines of Brefny; in the trackless fastnesses of Glendallan; in the nut- and mast-abundant regions of Carbury; in the strong coverts of Kyleconor's woods, and over the wide plane expanse of Moyconall.

Then Finn sat upon his hunting mound on the top of high Keshcorran; at which instant there tarried by him none but his two wolf-dogs: Bran and Sceolan and Conan Mael mac Morna. Now was it sweet to Finn to look on; to listen to the hounds’ music, to the young men's clear joyous cheering, to utterance of athletic warriors and deep voices of mighty men, to various whistling of the Fianna, in all the wild and desert forests of the land; for even in the bordering countries those hunting cries which they emitted were freely heard: these being such that deer were roused out of their wilds, brocks [badgers] banished from their brock-holes, birds driven to take wing; and at this point each wrathful and eagerly fierce wolf-dog was slipped from his leash to course the tulach [hill or mound].

Howbeit the ruler that at such time had sway in Keshcorran was Conaran son of Imidel, a chief of the tuatha dé danann; and so soon as he perceived that the hounds’ cry now sounded deviously, he bade his three daughters (that were full of sorcery) to go and take vengeance of Finn for his hunting. The women sought the entrance of the cave that was in the tulach and there sat beside each other. Upon three crooked and wry sticks of holly they hung as many heathenish bewitched hasps of yarn, which they began to reel off left-handwise in front of the cave.