Cnogba [Knowth]

  1. Bua [victory], daughter of Ruadrí Ruad,
    wife of Lugh mac Cian of the red spears,
    it is there her body was hidden;
    over her was a great hill built up.

  2. A hill had Bua in the midst of Bregia [north Leinster],
    where the noble woman was laid,
    in that spot yonder: —
    the name of that hill is Cnogba.

  3. But though easiest to utter
    of its names be perfect Cnogba,
    yet its more proper style is Cnocc Buí [yellow hill]
    down from Bua daughter of Ruadrí.
  4. Elcmar's, [or Nechtan's] daughter dwelt there:
    Mider was the woman's, darling:
    a darling of her own was the prince,
    the man from great and noble Síd Midir.
  5. Englec, noble Elcmar's, daughter,
    was the darling of perfect Oengus;
    Oengus, son of the loved Dagda,
    was not the maiden's, darling.

  6. The illustrious Mac in Oc [Oengus] came [went]
    southward to Ceru Cermna
    on the blazing hurrying Samain [31st Oct Eve],
    to play with his fellow-warriors.

  7. Mider came — alas the day!
    he came upon her after they had gone,
    he carries off with him Englec from her home
    thence to the Síd of the men of Femen [Mound of Femen].

  8. When noble Oengus heard
    of the pursuit of his darling,
    he went in search of her (I say sooth)
    to the famous hill whence she was borne off [from?].

  9. This was the food of his band — bright feast —
    blood-red nuts of the wood: [autumn]
    he casts the food from him on the ground;
    he makes lamentation around the hillock.
  10. Though it be called the Hill of Bua of combats,
    this is the equal-valid counter-tale:
    we have found that hence
    from that 'nut-wailing' Cnogba is named.

  11. By us is preserved together
    the memory of the lay,
    and whichever of these tales ye shall prefer,
    from it is named the region of surpassing worth.

Please find the original at University College Cork - Celt Project - Metrical Dindshenchas