The Creator and the Tahu Tree

A deity with the help of the Moon created Baatsi, the first man. The body was made by kneading, then clothed with a skin, blood was poured in, and the man lived. His Creator then whispered in his ear: You will live in the forest and beget children. Tell them of my command, that they may eat of all the trees of the forest but one, the Tahu tree. Baatsi indeed begat many children and, having warned them of the one forbidden thing, departed to rejoin his Creator in the heavens. But a pregnant woman one day was filled with a craving for the forbidden fruit and so worried her husband that he finally crept secretly into the deep forest, plucked the fruit, quickly peeled it, and hid the peel beneath leaves. The Moon, however, who had seen, told the Creator, who was so incensed that he cursed the human race to die.

Note: The Moon of this legend is female; the name of the deity we do not learn; and Baatsi it is recalled was, in another legend recorded from this camp,the name of the Creator himself. J.Campbell