Kulluballi: The First Hunter

Kulluballi and a lion were stalking the same antelope. The little antelope approached the Kulluballi the hunter and said: Shoot me; break off one of my horns and put my blood into it; then, when the lion attacks you, he will only scratch you but will not be able to kill you.

Kulluballi did as the antelope advised him. He shot it and broke off one of its horns, then he poured the antelope's blood into the horn. Afterwards the lion attacked the Kulluballi, and tore open his sexual parts with his claws, so that a shred was ripped away. But the lion did nothing more to the Kulluballi, who set up his first house there and settled on the spot.He became a very great hunter.

This custom is still said to be observed by the Bafulabe today.