The Sun, Old Woman and Naiyenezgani

The Sun (the chief) and his Four Helpers

They say it happened long ago when there were no people nor anything, and when earth and the black sky did not exist. Let us make the earth and the black sky, the Sun said. He began to study and talk about how both the earth and sky might be made. He also sought helpers and concluded that four persons should do the work and he found them with his mind. It is not well that there should be no people on the earth, he said. Therefore those who were to make the world sat down and discussed how it should be done. If we make it of something it will be well, he said and all the others gave their assent. They attempted the work but there was no material of which it could be made. After they had tried for a time the earth that they had made was not good.

The Earth and the Messenger

This is not a good kind, he said. Which way shall we do it? Then the Sun rubbed his hand down over his breast and divided the cuticle he rubbed off into two parts. Of one part he made a humming bird and caused it to fly about, saying it should be the messenger. With the second portion he made the earth and put it in place. What way shall we make it? he asked. After they had talked the matter over he suggested it would be well to place it so it would have four directions. They put down the earth they had made, but it was not good, it was not firm but shook. A black whirlwind rested on it four times and it nearly stood still but was not yet satisfactory. Then they agreed to place the supports under it at four points. At the east they placed a black whirlwind standing under it like a post. At another place they put posts of black metal under it at four places. In another position they put posts of big black reeds, and at still another place they put four posts of blue metal. Now it stood still and was nearly perfect.

They made the black sky in the same way and he pronounced it good too.

Now the earth was flat and bare, there were no mountains, and they were not pleased with this condition. The four persons who made earth and sky were named as follows. One was called Naicje Etco Dixin, large black spider (old woman?), one was Bec Dixixastin, black metal old man (crippled?), the third was named Naxokosse Dixin, great blackdipper (American Dipper?) and the fourth, Gonaldjictco Xastin (an insect). These four said, We have made the earth but it is smooth and it is not good that way, besides we have no food. Then the chief called attention to the flying thing (the humming bird) he had made which he now sent as his messenger saying: People must be living somewhere; look everywhere for them. The bird flew away and went all around the border of the wide earth but came back repeating that there was no living thing. Well, look on top of this sky which we have set up, he said.