Battle of Moytirra III - The Fomorians and the Tuatha de Danann Fight

By this time the seven years of preparation had come to an end. A week before the Day of Samhain, the Morrigu discovered that the Fomors had landed upon Erin. She at once sent a messenger to tell the Dagda, who ordered his druids and sorcerers to go to the ford of the River Unius, in Sligo, and utter incantations against them. The people of the goddess Danu, however, were not yet quite ready for battle. So the Dagda decided to visit the Fomorian camp as an ambassador, and, by parleying with them, to gain a little more time. The Fomors received him with apparent courtesy, and, to celebrate. his coming, prepared him a feast of porridge; for it was well known how fond he was of such food. They poured into their king's cauldron, which was as deep as fiveĀ  giant's fists, fourscore gallons of new milk, with meal and bacon in proportion. To this they added the whole carcasses of goats, sheep, and pigs; they boiled the mixture together, and poured it into a hole in the ground Now, said they, if you do not eat it all, we shall put you to death, for we will not have you go back to your own people and say that the Fomors are inhospitable. But they did not succeed in frightening the Dagda. He took his spoon, which was so large that two persons of our puny size might have reclined comfortably in the middle of it, dipped it into the porridge, and fished up halves of salted pork and quarters of bacon.

If it tastes as good as it smells, he said, it is good fare. And so it proved; for he ate it all, and scraped up even what remained at the bottom of the hole. Then he went away to sleep it off, followed by the laughter of the Fomors; for his stomach was so swollen with food that he could hardly walk. It was larger than the biggest cauldron in a large house, and stood out like a sail before the wind.

But the Fomors' little practical joke upon the Dagda had given the Tuatha De Danann time to collect their forces. It was on the eve of Samhain that the two armies came face to face. Even then the Fomor could not believe that the people of the goddess Danu would offer them much resistance, Do you think they will really dare to give us battle? said Bres to Indech the son of Domnu. If they do not pay their tribute, we will pound their bones for them, he replied.