Maori (God) made the first man and called him Mwuetsi (moon). He put him on the bottom of a Dsivoa (lake) and gave him a ngona horn filled with ngona oil. Mwuetsi lived in Dsivoa.
Mwuetsi said to Maori: I want to go on the earth. Maori said: You will rue it. Mwuetsi said: None the less. I want to go on the earth. Maori said: Then go on the earth. Mwuetsi went out of Dsivoa and on to the earth.
The earth was cold and empty. There were no grasses, no bushes. no trees. There were no animals. Mwuetsi wept and said to Maori: How shall I live here. Maori said: I warned you. You have started on the path at the end of which you shall die. I will, however. give you one of your kind. Maori gave Mwuetsi a maiden who was called Massassi, the morning star. Maori said: Massassi shall be your wife for two years. Maori gave Massassi a fire maker .

In the evening Mwuetsi went into a cave with Massassi. Massassi said: Help me. We will make a fire. I will gather chimandra (kindling) and you can twirl the rusika (revolving part of the fire maker). Massassi gathered kindling. Mwuetsi twirled the rusika. When the fire was lighted Mwuetsi lay down on one side of it, Massassi on the other. The fire burned between them.
Mwuetsi thought to himself, Why has Maori given me this maiden? What shall I do with this maiden, Massassi? When it was night Mwuetsi took his ngona horn. He moistened his index finger with a drop of ngona oil. Mwuetsi said, Ndini chaambuka mhiri ne mhirir (I am going to jump over the fire). Mwuetsi jumped over the fire. Mwuetsi approached the maiden, Massassi. Mwuetsi touched Massassi's body with the ointment on his finger . Then Mwuetsi went back to his bed and slept.

When Mwuetsi wakened in the morning he looked over to Massassi. Mwuetsi saw that Massassi's body was swollen. When day broke Massassi began to bear. Massassi bore grasses. Massassi bore bushes. Massassi bore trees. Massassi did not stop bearing till the earth was covered with grasses, bushes and trees.

The trees grew. They grew till their tops reached the sky. When the tops of the trees reached the sky it began to rain.
Mwuetsi and Massassi lived in plenty. They had fruits and grain. Mwuetsi built a house. Mwuetsi made an iron shovel. Mwuetsi made a hoe and planted crops. Massassi plaited fish traps and caught fish. Massassi fetched wood and water. Massassi cooked. Thus Mwuetsi and Massassi lived for two years.

After two years Maori said to Massassi, The time is up. Maori took Massassi from the earth and put her back in Dsivoa. Mwuetsi wailed. He wailed and wept and said to Maori: What shall I do without Massassi? Who will fetch wood and water for me? Who will cook for me? Eight days long Mwuetsi wept.