Oisín in Tír na nÓg

The ancient hero Oisín - one of the sons of tbe fabulous giant Finn MacCool - was for many days annoyed in his fort at Knock an Ar by a supernatural female with a pig's head, who was always making eyes at him and putting herself in his path, and this he did not particularly like.

It was usual in those days for the great warriors to go hunting on the hills and mountains; and whenever one of them did so he never neglected to take with him five or six strong men to bring home the game. And yet it so happened that on a day when Oisín had set out with his men and dogs to the woods in this way, he ranged so far and killed so much game that when it was brought together, the men were so weak, tired, and hungry that they were unable to carry it. Disgruntled, they went away home and left him, with his three dogs, to shift for himself. However, the female with the pig's head - who was the daughter of the king of Tír na nÓg and herself, indeed, a Queen of Tír na nÓg - had been following closely in the hunt all day, and when the men departed she came up to Oisín.

I am very sorry, Oisín said to her by way of explanation for his sitting beside the heap of dead carcasses, to leave behind anything that I've had the trouble of killing.
And she replied, Tie up the bundle for me and I'll carry it to lighten your load.
Curious, Oisín gave her a bundle of the game to carry and took the remainder himself. But the evening was warm and the game heavy, and when they had gone some distance, Oisín said, Let us rest awhile. Both threw down their burdens, and put their backs against a great stone that was by the roadside. The woman was heated and out of breath and opened her dress to cool herself. Then Oisín looked at her and noticed her beautiful form and her white bosom.