In the Beginning

From the conception the increase,
From the increase the thought,
From the thought the remembrance,
From the remembrance the consciousness,
From the consciousness the desire.

The word became fruitful.
It dwelt with the feeble glimmering.
It brought forth night.
The great night, the long night,
The lowest night, the loftiest night,
The thick night to be felt,
The night to be touched,
The night not to be seen,
The night ending in death.

From the nothing the begetting,
From the nothing the increase,
From the nothing the abundance,
The power of increasing, the living breath.

It dwelt with the empty space and produced
the atmosphere which is above us.
The atmosphere which floats above the earth.
The great firmament above us dwelt with the early dawn
And the moon sprang forth.
The atmosphere above us dwelt with the glowing sky
And thence proceeded the sun.
Moon and sun were thrown up above, as the chief eyes of heaven.
Then the Heavens became light: the early dawn, the early day.
The mid-day: the blaze of day from the sky.
The sky above dwelt with Hawaiki and produced land.