The Origin of the Coconut Tree

Hina was originally the wife of the Monster Eel, Te Tuna (whose name means, the Phallus), and the two lived together in their land beneath the sea until a day when Hina thought she had been there long enough. The place was intensely cold; and besides, she wanted now to be rid of Te Tuna. So she said to him: You just stay here at home! I am going off to forage for us both.
And when shall you return? he asked.
She answered: I shall be gone for quite a while; because today and tonight will be spent traveling, tomorrow looking for food, and the next day and night cooking the food; but the following day and night will see me on the way home. Then go, he told her, and stay away as long as necessary.

So she set out on her journey. And she never paused to look for food, but went on to forage for a new lover. She went as far as to the land of the Male-principle ( Tane ) Clan, and when she had reached their place called out: The eel-shaped creature dwelling in this inland region rides manfully to passion's consummation: Te Tuna dwelling in the sea out there is but insipid food. I am a woman to be possessed by an eel-shaped lover; a woman come all the long way hither to unite in the struggle of passion upon the shores of Raro-nuku (the Land-below) and of Raro-vai-i-o (the Land-of-penetrating waters) ; the first woman thus to come utterly without shame seeking the eel-shaped rod of love. I am the dark pubic patch pursuing the assuagement of desire. For the fame of your manly prowess, O men of the Clan of the Male Principle, reached me even in the world below. I have come to you by way of unnumbered shores along sandy beaches. Arise, O Detumescent Staff! Be plunged in the consummation of love. I am this woman from afar, desiring you ardently, o men of the Male-principle Clan!
But the men of the clan only shouted at her in answer: There is the road. Follow it, and keep going! We shall never take the woman of the Monster Eel, Te Tuna, lest we be, slain. He would be here in less than a day.

She continued on her way, and when she arriv~d at the land of the Penetrating-embrace (Peka) Clan, called out again, using the same words; but the men replied as had the others. She went on to the land of the Erect (Tu) Clan, and once again all happened as before. She came to the land of the Wonder-worker (Maui) Clan, where the call and response were again repeated. And then she approached the home of Maui's mother, Hua-hega.