The Brown Bear of the Green Glen

THERE was a king in Erin once, who had a leash of sons. John was the name of the youngest one, and it was said that he was not wise enough; and this good worldly king lost the sight of his eyes, and the strength of his feet. The two eldest brothers said that they would go seek three bottles of the water of the Green Isle that was about the heaps of the deep.  And so it was that these two brothers went away. Now the fool said that he would not believe but that he himself would go also. And the first big town he reached in his father's kingdom, there he sees his two brothers there, ( the blackguards!)
Oh! my boys, says the young one, it is thus you are?
With swiftness of foot, said they, take thyself home, or we will have thy life.
Don't be afraid, lads. It is no thing to me to stay with you.